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1. Vanity top layout (select one):

Wall to wall Open left side
Open right side Free Standing
(Optional Support leg will be quoted for open 1 side layout)

2. Set top dimensions:

Lengh: Width:

3. Sink layout:

Choose bowl style
Oval Rectangle Vessel
Set distance from left edge of top to center of sink bowl

4. Faucet spread:

Single hole
3 hole 4" spread (holes 2" apart)
3 hole 8" spread (holes 4" apart)

5. Base style:

Granite apron (standard 8")
Granite apron custom height:
ADA Granite apron (4")
Wooden base

Tissue slot in granite apron
TP holder in granite apron

6. Please provide contact information:

I prefer to be contacted by email:
I prefer to have a quote faxed back to me:

7. Select material choice:

Group 1 Granite (lowest price)
Group 2 Granite (upgrade)

8. Name of property and zip code for shipping quote purpose:

Name of property:
Zip code:
Contact phone number:


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